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PermaRoute Tape for Fire Stations is a Great Solution

Anti-Slip Tape

We are super proud to provide our industrial floor tape PermaRoute to Pleasant Hill Volunteer Fire Company in Pittsburgh, PA.
When those good people contacted us, we insisted that we would supply PermaRoute to them for free. They told us that they need a great quality industrial floor tape, and the perfect solution is PermaRoute.

Those engines will only cope with an industrial floor tape that is durable, tough, visible and effective. I think we can all agree that PermaRoute looks great on their floors. It provides not only a surface line marking but is also highly visible and will provide them years of durable service.
It was great to be able to help them, even if only in the little way we can by providing some rolls. Please visit their Facebook page to learn more about the amazing work of the community fire service.


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